Angel In Leather


Brenna Darling’s a Domme. No apologies. Confident. All attitude. The scent and sound of leather have always turned her on, almost as much as hearing hard-bodied men beg her for it. But a deft hand with a paddler doesn’t make up for lonely nights. She’s looking for a lover, a man who’ll laugh at the newspaper comic strips with her, when he’s not moaning with pleasure.
Rick Finley’s a surgeon without a god complex. Pain’s always made him hard and being spanked down balances a psyche that makes daily life and death decisions for other people. His best friend, Dr. Malcolm Nicholls suffers the same needs and when they spot Brenna at a prestigious BDSM club, they’re determined to make the seductive Domme their exclusive mistress.

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Ghostly Seduction

Ghostly Seduction 

Did Shelby Prentice luck out or what? She’s house-sitting for a gorgeous engineer, the place is a Victorian palace, and it’s furnished. She can’t wait for Lee Tanner to come up on weekends, even if he is so gorgeous she wants to smack him. How’s a girl supposed to feel around a guy who’s prettier than her? To top it all off, Lee’s polite, funny, generous…and Shelby wishes he could be hers.
Of course, she’s not really alone during the week. Her dreams are vivid, and one dream lover in particular, Raleigh, has a turn-of-the-century manner that could charm the bloomers off a saint.
Things couldn’t be more terrific. Sure, there are a few weird noises. Shelby swears she can sometimes smell flowers in empty rooms. Raleigh seems a little too real, although Shelby has never believed in ghosts. Until now. Technically, is it considered a ménage if one of the guys isn’t alive?


Recon, Love From the Ashes Book Two

Her sergeant and last line of defense, he wants her enough to break all the rules.

Corporal Paige Wynn liked serving as a medic in the Army. There was indoor plumbing and she got to sleep in a real bed every night. Her sheltered assignment became nothing but a memory when she was shanghaied and assigned to a front-line reconnaissance unit. Now she’s the lone woman serving alongside a bunch of adrenaline junkie, jacked-up guerillas with old-west sheriff complexes. The year is 22GW…twenty-two years after the great war that killed ninety percent of the Earth’s population…and her recon unit has the brutal job of infiltrating communities stuck in the dark ages, and deciding if they’ve got what it takes to build themselves up again.

Her sergeant’s a combat veteran with his eye on the prize, as well as on Paige’s prize ass. But a romantic hook-up in a covert unit is an absolute no-go. It would compromise their working relationship and endanger everyone around them. Too bad nobody told his heart that.

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Captain O’Reilly’s Woman


Temporarily Out Of Print

The year is 21GW…twenty-one years after the great war that killed ninety percent of the Earth’s population. But the world is starting to recover. Parts of it anyway. The Army had been recruiting aggressively since the year 2GW, defending the borders and the peace. Medics like Corporal Samantha Cooper bring health care to communities that have been without anything more than bandages and butterfly kisses for twenty-one years.

Samantha’s also got some rare genes and she’s just been designated RI. Repopulation Imperative. It’s an easy gig really. She just has to get herself knocked up. In return, she gets special privileges, compensation, and ensures the genetic diversity of the human race.

Problem is, the only man she’s considering for the role of baby maker is her CO. Captain David O’Reilly’s thirteen years older than her, a survivor and one of the most capable, honorable men she’s ever met.

So how does a grunt ask a decorated officer to risk everything he’s worked for in exchange for a hookup with benefits?

Breakdown Of A Pack, Wyoming Wild 2


Sequel to When A Pack Dies

Sergeant Owen Wells is finally stateside after his second tour in Iraq. He goes home to a place he’s never seen and tries to fit into a werewolf pack that doesn’t take kindly to interloping males. But Owen’s got some skills they need and he’s sent on a covert mission to find out why a neighboring sheriff was murdered, and why the heirarchy in that pack is crumbling. Problem is, he can’t keep his paws off a certain dispatcher. She’s got a body that would make Barbie jealous and a mouth that makes him want to dive into sin. Unfortunately, the pack’s reluctant leader’s got it bad for her too.

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Stay With Me

After a messy divorce and the death of her mother, author Charlotte Allen is looking for a quiet place to hang her laptop. She finds it on a hundred acres of pristine, Northern Canadian wilderness. Things start to look up when a hunky contractor signs on to build her dream home.
David Hadfield is a big fan of Charlotte’s work, so it’s no trouble at all when the lovely Ms. Allen asks him to put his big hammer to use. David’s also a 250-year-old vampire who’s been looking for a woman to call his own. Forever.
He loves the vampire stories she writes. It makes sense she’d find it easy to love a real bloodsucker…doesn’t it?

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A Kinky Little Christmas

So they’re not real priests. Who said confession couldn’t be hot as hell anyway? Bless me, Father, for I’m about to sin. Christmas is coming and my friend, Anna, has roped me into another one of her practical jokes. She’s working as an assistant producer on a film. They’re using one of our gorgeous, local cathedrals, decorated to the rafters for Christmas, for the confessional scene. Anna thinks it would be hilarious if I pretended to be in need of a little soul baring. She’s going to set it up so two of the movie’s hot, leading men—who’re portraying priests—will hear my confession. The plan is for me to steam up the confessional with my most decadent fantasies, confess to acts that would make a gymnast wince, beg for the will to stop asking for more. Problem is, by the time I figure out confession turns me on like crazy, my two pretend brothers-of-the-cloth have decided to drag me home and punish me like a naughty girl for my transgressions.

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All Tomorrow’s Halloween Parties

When Special Agent Ash Wakefield finds a woman in his kitchen, drinking milk straight out of the carton, naked, he appreciates the view but a great set of breasts won’t get her out of a burglary charge.

The records told Cari Smith this house would be unoccupied for another three days. Now she’s looking down the barrel of a gun, watching her research opportunity circle the drain if she can’t convince Ash she’s a historian from 2340, here to witness a pivotal event in the life of a child who’ll grow up to be the first female president of the United States.

Ash is willing to believe she’s a government agent who’s been given a way-out scenario to test her field readiness. He doesn’t like his personal time and his home being used for a training exercise but what the hell, it’s been awhile and he might win bonus points toward his next promotion.

Now all Cari has to do is figure out how to blend in, master the manual-flush toilet and keep her heart from getting broken. Nobody ever said time travel was for sissies.

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Where My Warrior Leads

When the sibyls’ most formidable soldier meets their world’s most powerful warrior, her glimpse of their shared future binds them on a quest to find out who’s trying to tear down their civilization. One problem with warriors though: When they see a woman they want, they keep her. It may take days, weeks, years but he won’t let go until he’s purged himself of that need. Too bad his sibyl has plans of her own…and they don’t include him.

Temporarily Out Of Print

The Muse

Being jilted by your husband does things to your self esteem. Being stuck churning out commissioned portraits does things to your creativity. It may be 2491 but some things stay the same. What Calla needs is a muse. Someone tall, hot and hunky enough to churn her creative juices. She finds him in a dockworker, a former model who gave up the work when his looks became unfashionable. Jarek might be a man of simple tastes but he knows how to inspire the woman inside the artist.

What’s a master artist and her muse to do when her ex comes gunning for her fortune and reputation?

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